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No nosso blog podes encontrar tudo o que precisas de saber sobre alimentação: receitas únicas, criadas em colaboração com os nossos influencers; dicas; curiosidades e entrevistas onde poderás descobrir sempre algo novo acerca da nossa empresa, incluindo como tudo começou, e a importância de uma alimentação saudável.

🗓 18/11/22

Hazelnut Energyballs without dates

Delicious Energyballs times without dates - are made quickly and with few ingredients!

👤 Alisia Schrieder

🗓 18/11/22


Hmm you can literally smell the smell of apple and cinnamon at the sight - heavenly!

👤 Laura Köppen

🗓 18/11/22

Triple Raw Chocolate Brownie

A quick and easy brownie option that doesn't even need to be baked!

👤 Nadine Rader

🗓 16/11/22

Seed crispbread

This crispy crispbread is a perfect snack for in between meals. Plus, it's so easy to recreate. Give it a try!

👤 Lisa

🗓 16/11/22


For a concentrated charge of energy in between!

👤 Annika Stein

🗓 16/11/22

Vegan banana chocolate muffins

Nothing beats some moist banana chocolate muffins. They are a real treat and the best thing about them is: they are completely vegan!

👤 Julia Szajdak-Breucking

🗓 11/11/22

Watermelon "tuna

This watermelon "tuna" looks confusingly similar to the real tuna. Sounds unusual at first, but tastes very good. If you fancy a vegan tuna alternative, you should definitely try this recipe!

👤 Anne-Sophie Hoffmann

🗓 11/11/22

Tiramisu Tower

What's better than tiramisu? Here we have a slightly different, protein-rich variant that still tastes incredibly delicious! Give it a try.

👤 Maren Braust

🗓 10/11/22

Blueberry vanilla crumble cake from the tray

Blueberry fans will love this cake! But guaranteed tastes also all other gourmets.

👤 Julia Szajdak-Breucking

🗓 10/11/22

Blueberry granola with white almond paste

This crunchy granola is a great way to start the day!

👤 Julia Szajdak-Breucking

🗓 09/11/22

Salame de Chocolate com Avelã e Café

Apetece-te uma receita doce e simples? Então experimenta este Salame de chocolate de avelã e café! 🤤

👤 Michelle Guitelman

🗓 09/11/22

Vegan chocolate pumpkin muffins

You think muffins with pumpkin sound funny? Let these juicy chocolate pumpkin muffins convince you!

👤 Melina Moonstone

🗓 08/11/22

Acai Bowl

How about a little variety for breakfast with this delicious Acai Bowl?

👤 Emilie Reise

🗓 30/07/22

KoRo meets CloudEatery

We have BIG NEWS for you: Together with the digital food court CloudEatery from Frankfurt am Main we start a delicious cooperation. What does that mean? From now on, you can order a variety of fresh, fancy creations to your home in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. Together with CloudEatery, we have gone into the kitchen and come up with tasty dishes that are simply to fall in love with.

👤 Anna-Lena Reinhart

🗓 10/05/22

Kokos Amaranth Granola

Gluten-free, vegan and delicious - the perfect breakfast. Quickly made and just as quickly eaten - coconut amaranth granola.

👤 Melina Moonstone