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Aqui encontrarás as principais notícias sobre a KoRo e poderás descobrir muito mais sobre as últimas tendências no mercado!

🗓 31/05/22

Welcome to KoRo Café

Berliners, Berliners-by-choice and visitors take note! The KoRo Café has finally opened its doors at Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 7 in Berlin-Mitte! 👤 Natalie Wendt

🗓 04/05/22

Ajuste de preços - compensação do aumento de preços

Chegou a altura de outro ajustamento de preços na KoRo - para Portugal, tanto aumentámos como diminuímos os preços dos produtos em função das taxas de IVA.... 👤 Daniel Kundt

🗓 03/09/21 👌 Fácil

Ajuste de preços - compensação do aumento de preços

Ende Mai mussten wir unsere Preise um 7,3 % nach oben anpassen, was einige unserer Produkte aus der Konkurrenzfähigkeit gebracht hat. Nun passen wir unsere K... 👤 Biggy Le

🗓 06/08/21 👌 Fácil

Descontos na KoRo? Não existe?!

Contrary to our previous philosophy, we now start a small discount campaign for selected products. Why this remains only an exception and what Christmas has... 👤 Daniel

🗓 28/05/21 👌 Fácil

Ajuste do preço para cima em aprox. 7,3%.

Having recently reduced our prices by an average of 5%, we have to increase our prices again by 7.3%. 👤 Kosta

🗓 29/04/21 👌 Fácil

KoRo at the corner of the street: discover our partner stores!

Your favorite KoRo products with no delivery time, accessible by bike or on foot? Think it's too good to be true? Well, maybe it is without you even knowing it. 👤 Antoine

🗓 14/04/21 👌 Fácil

The prices of all of our products are reduced by 50p!

The KoRo family is getting bigger and bigger! And what better way to celebrate than by lowering all prices by 50p? 👤 gilmore

🗓 14/04/21 👌 Fácil

Towards infinity and beyond: toys come to KoRo!

Blueberry snacks, lentil chips... A marble track? Pea protein, nut mix... Wooden toys?! Of course, we understand that this may surprise you. But no, you are... 👤 Antoine

🗓 06/04/21 👌 Fácil

Prices of all our products are reduced by 50 cents!

The KoRo family is getting bigger and bigger! And what better way to celebrate than by lowering all prices by €0.50? 👤 lupis

🗓 11/03/21 👌 Fácil

The prices of all our products drop by one euro!

The prices of our products will now be aligned with the prices of the German site. 👤 Antoine

🗓 01/02/21 👌 Fácil

Ajuste de preços: os produtos KoRo tornam-se em média 5 % mais baratos

Wir ändern wieder die Preise für den Großteil unserer Produkte. Und zwar im Schnitt um minus 5,34 % – es wird also günstiger! Was sich im Detail geändert hat... 👤 Biggy Le

🗓 03/11/20 👌 Fácil

Corona Update #8: Aumento dos prazos de entrega

The Light Lockdown has resulted in increased order volume and we have increased our delivery time. 👤 Kosta

🗓 25/08/20 👌 Fácil

Good news: international shipping gets faster

KoRo has a new international shipping partner for orders from abroad. Here is how this benefits you as a customer! 👤 nolte

🗓 28/07/20 👌 Fácil

Actualização Corona #7: Redução do IVA

Wir geben Dir 2 % Rabatt auf Deine Bestellung, statt unsere Preise anzupassen. 👤 Biggy Le

🗓 02/07/20 👌 Fácil

Mapa interactivo

What is our interactive map all about and what can you find out about our products with its help? You can find detailed instructions here. 👤 Julia