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🗓 28/04/22

Mexican pasta salad

Hearty, spicy and guaranteed delicious - try this Mexican pasta salad and see for yourself.

👤 Melli

🗓 30/09/21 🕒 12 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

Massa cremosa rica em proteína

If you want it to be quick and high in protein at the same time, this recipe is made for you.

👤 Milena

🗓 09/09/21 🕒 20 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

Espinafres vegetarianos à bolonhesa

It's time for pasta! This delicious, vegan version of the pasta sauce classic with spinach blows our minds with its simple, quick preparation and it's also delicious! Of course you can adjust the ingredients according to your preferences. The spinach gives it a fresh pep!

👤 Rieke Wilken

🗓 18/05/21 🕒 20 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

Tigela de macarr√£o de arroz colorido

A colorful bowl that will bring a bit of color to even the rainiest of days!

👤 Celine

🗓 24/02/21 🕒 30 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

fritar com macarr√£o de vidro na √Āsia

Asian style vegan stir fry

👤 Amelie

🗓 18/02/21 🕒 20 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

Espaguete verde f√°cil

A particularly green and simple version of spaghetti

👤 Nico

🗓 15/02/21 🕒 15 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

One pot pasta de lentilhas

Lentil pasta simply in a pot!

👤 Svea

🗓 19/01/21 🕒 45 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

Macarrão kamut com beterraba e tempeh de tremoço

Kamut is a European ancient grain with 20-40% more protein than wheat and provides energy for longer. My tip: a good vegan bolognese takes time, it's best to prepare it a day in advance so that it can infuse overnight.

👤 Michael Dietz

🗓 12/10/20 🕒 15 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

Massa de atum lim√£o

A quick pasta variation with few ingredients that you probably already have almost all at home.

👤 Yvonne Saier

🗓 12/08/20 🕒 40 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

Massa de ver√£o

Pasta always goes well. That's why we show you today how you can easily prepare a summer pasta.

👤 Anna

🗓 17/06/20 🕒 85 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

Lasanha com cenouras e espinafres

This healthy lasagna option satisfies any hearty needs.

👤 Pia Sickinger

🗓 17/06/20 🕒 30 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

Salteado colorido de macarr√£o

On a purely vegetable basis, this creamy and spicy pasta pan can be prepared, thanks to cashews and yeast flakes.

👤 Pia Sickinger

🗓 05/12/19 🕒 15 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

Massa alternativa deliciosa feita a partir de abobrinhas e cenouras

A delicious alternative to just pasta is this combination of pasta, zucchini and carrots.

👤 Ann-Kathrin Graser

🗓 30/03/19 🕒 15 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

Fusilli Espelta de Farinha Inteira com Molho de Pesto-Soy Creme

Pasta is a classic. In this recipe we refine our whole grain spelt fusilli with a fine vegan pesto-soy cream sauce.

👤 Laura Wittmann

🗓 16/11/18 🕒 30 Minutos 👌 F√°cil

Massa com pesto de p√°prica

Noodles are a real feel-good food. And honestly, who doesn't like them? With this great pesto your pasta tastes especially delicious and creamy!

👤 Juliane Vogel