🔥Atenção: a temperaturas superiores a 25°C os nossos produtos com chocolate podem derreter🔥


Aqui encontras receitas para todos os gostos: rápidas, mais simples ou mais elaboradas, temos de tudo para te inspirar!

🗓 15/02/22 🕒 30 Minutos 👍 Médio

Guisado de legumes e seitan

Stews are versatile soul warmers and know how to seduce us, especially in the cold season. The rich classics are not only warming, but also filling and usual... 👤 Amelie

🗓 15/02/22 🕒 90 Minutos 👍 Médio

Bolachas arco-íris

The perfect eye-catcher on the cookie plate. 👤 Amelie

🗓 13/02/22 🕒 40 Minutos 👍 Médio

Brownies vegan de batata doce sem açúcar refinado

Super healthy alternative! 👤 Jessica Feil

🗓 30/01/22 🕒 10 Minutos 👌 Fácil

Papas de proteína de soja com ameixas e canela

The bread is eaten, from the oatmeal are only leftovers and the yogurt for breakfast hangs out to your ears? Then you will love the soy protein porridge with... 👤 Amelie

🗓 25/10/21 🕒 10 Minutos 👌 Fácil

Courgette pesto

Green pesto is just your thing? Then you've come to the right place! 👤 Lena

🗓 13/10/21 🕒 30 Minutos 👌 Fácil

bolo de manga polenta

Do you only know polenta as a savory dish? Then go for it in the oven with the mango polenta cake recipe. 👤 Lena

🗓 04/10/21 🕒 30 Minutos 👌 Fácil

Donuts de húmus

Hummus and donuts in one dish? Give it a try! 👤 Lena

🗓 30/09/21 🕒 12 Minutos 👌 Fácil

Massa cremosa rica em proteína

If you want it to be quick and high in protein at the same time, this recipe is made for you. 👤 Milena

🗓 20/09/21 🕒 20 Minutos 👌 Fácil

Bolachas vegan com pepitas de chocolate

Need a new couch snack? Try these vegan cookies. 👤 Aila

🗓 16/09/21 🕒 15 Minutos 👌 Fácil

Pão de banana vegan

If you haven't baked enough banana bread at Lockdown, you should definitely try this recipe. 👤 Aila

🗓 16/09/21 🕒 20 Minutos 👌 Fácil

Caril tailandês verde

You need a change from red or yellow curry? Then this recipe is just right for you. 👤 Teresa

🗓 16/09/21 🕒 25 Minutos 👌 Fácil

Chia Colada

Pineapple and coconut, the best sweet combination par excellence. Here united as chia pudding! 👤 Paulina

🗓 15/09/21 🕒 30 Minutos 👌 Fácil

Dal Lentilha Vermelha

Vegan Indian cuisine? Yes, please! 👤 Anouk

🗓 14/09/21 🕒 50 Minutos 👍 Médio

Bowl de beringela e miso

Miso bowl with eggplant kick for a fresh Asian meal. 👤 Daria Hawkridge

🗓 09/09/21 🕒 20 Minutos 👌 Fácil

Espinafres vegetarianos à bolonhesa

It's time for pasta! This delicious, vegan version of the pasta sauce classic with spinach blows our minds with its simple, quick preparation and it's also d... 👤 Rieke Wilken