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KoRo at the corner of the street: discover our partner stores!

Your favorite KoRo products with no delivery time, accessible by bike or on foot? Think it's too good to be true? Well, maybe it is without you even knowing it.

KoRo at the corner of the street: discover our partner stores!

Fit et Gourmande grocery store in Grenoble.

KoRo from Alsace in Bordeaux

Every week for the last few months, two or three organic, fitness or bulk grocery stores join our team of retailers. From Boulogne-sur-Mer to Marseille, from Toulouse to Metz, we now have nearly thirty points of sale throughout France! If some of these grocery stores already communicate well on their social networks, we were aware of the difficulty to find us elsewhere than on the website. That's why we launched theStore Locator, which will allow you to find the nearest store to you, in a few clicks and in an interactive way. If your city is not yet listed, we're sorry... However, don't hesitate to take a look from time to time, as the map will be updated regularly!

How to use this map

Unfortunately, it would take an entire shopping mall to sell the entire KoRo catalog! Often, our partner grocery stores carry a dozen of our nuts, dried fruits, Energy Balls or oilseed purees. They may also be exceptionally out of stock, or offer a limited service due to containment... To know exactly which products are sold, and under which conditions, there is nothing like a little visit or a call! That's why we have integrated the address, phone number and opening hours to our interactive map. Now you have all the information you need to find out that paradise may not be so far away...

Discover nowour partner stores!