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All about dates! (Video)

Nicole, KoRo's purchasing manager, explains everything we need to know about our dates. Subtitles are available in French

All about dates! (Video)


"Hi, I'm Nicole, I'm in charge of purchasing at KoRo and today I'm going to talk to you about dates, well mostly our dates.

This is the Medjool date, also known as the queen of dates, first of all for its large size, its delicious flavor, and its popularity.

Medjool dates come from Israel, as I said before, they are really big. There are different qualities of dates, and here we have the premium quality.

You can recognize the Medjool quite easily because the skin is intact. As I said before, there are different qualities and at different prices. So this is a premium date, which can be eaten perfectly as a dessert. I like to open it like this, remove the pit and put a walnut kernel in its place. It's a real treat. The taste is more like caramel, they are not super soft, so you can easily work with them. Perfect as a dessert, as I said before. I have to eat it now, I can't leave it. Great!

The next variety of dates is the Mazafati. Completely different, I'll get it out in a moment, it's completely different from the Medjool. It comes from Iran and it's small, unlike the Medjool. The skin is very smooth, it is very very soft and very very sweet. The taste is reminiscent of honey.

The last variety I wanted to introduce to you today is the Deglet. It is lighter in color and KoRo's Deglet are pitted. So since there is no pit, you can easily add them to smoothies, mueslis, without worrying about the pit. You can also simply eat them as a snack.

So dates are full of nutrients, they contain more than 15 minerals, including selenium. Selenium is quite hard to find, there is a lot of it in Brazil nuts for example. Dates also contain it. Selenium is known to boost the immune system. In addition dates contain a lot of fiber and antioxidants. Check! "